Xenophobia has a deep historical background in how individuals treated one another, specifically through immigration policies. The final 2016 presidential candidates, Trump and Clinton, have the power to make an impact on the country and world by the things that they say and the xenophobic beliefs that they may or may not have. The research developed an 8-item xenophobic word bank in order to detect xenophobia within any written document or transcript. This word bank was applied to Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s immigration reform policies on their campaign websites and their acceptance speeches for their party nomination.

The results showed that Trump had more xenophobic language in both of the studied documents compared to Hillary Clinton. The analysis of these professional documents show that Donald Trump is the more xenophobic candidate compared to Hillary Clinton. The implications of these results for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the American people are discussed.

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Fall 2016


Matthew P. Winslow

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