In today’s society, the word “Psychopath” gets thrown around very easily. But does society really know what it means to truly be a clinically diagnosed Psychopath? This thesis is all about uncovering the truth about what Psychopathy looks like, how Psychopathy is handled in the courtroom, and why people should not despise, but have empathy for Psychopaths. This was accomplished by writing a thrilling short story about a young clinical psychologist by the name of Dr. T Campbell who is assigned to interview a very charismatic man named Peter Vetrov for the court. Peter has been deemed guilty of 3 counts of murder, and it is our protagonist’s job to attempt a sentence mitigation on the account of Peter’s abnormal mental state. After hearing Peter’s gruesome story during a Forensic Interview, Dr. Campbell diagnoses Peter with Antisocial Personality Disorder with Psychopathic traits. Upon reflection, Dr. Campbell realizes how unfair it is to Psychopaths like Peter to be granted the death penalty when in fact, they cannot help but act on their psychopathic tendencies because of severe abnormalities of the brain’s biological structure. She swears to do whatever she can to end the injustice towards Psychopathy.

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Fall 12-12-2016


Erik Liddell

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Languages, Cultures, and Humanities

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Tyla Poindexter's Thesis Short Story