The world of education is constantly changing. However, the way the pendulum is currently swinging has placed the Humanities, what has been seen as the framework since ancient times, under attack. Currently, that pendulum has become predominately focused on STEM education, and many budget cuts are being made to any part of the curriculum that does not fall under that category. This is not only seen in college and the job market, but in K-12 education. Pre-service teachers focusing on a STEM subject are often offered more incentives. Many college bound students are also shying away from the arts, especially when it comes to teaching them, because there is a real lack of support and a portrayed lack of jobs. It is often seen in the K-12 world, especially high school, that it is more important for a student to hone in on their STEM centered skills. I believe English education is still vital because with the focus of becoming a global competitor in the fields of STEM, we must consider the challenges of communication through writing and speaking. Thus the challenge is to embrace English as the foundation of achieving excellence. The art of communication (verbal, written, etc.) is often misplaced in a world that is technology driven. By leveling the playing field and creating equity among career majors and teaching candidates, we can create an educational system that best prepares our students for a global market and competition.

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Fall 12-1-2016


Deborah Felts

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