For my honors thesis I have finished my second novel, Azrael, and examined two elements of the story, the mythology of shape-shifting and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). These two elements are a major part of the story, things that significantly change the lives of the characters. The main characters in the story are shape-shifters, who can transform into their own individual animal. I wanted to make sure that my thesis project contained similar aspects to the mythology of shape-shifters from multiple ancient or current religions or beliefs. The main question of the novel is whether or not one of the characters can get over her newly developed PTSD so that she can do the right thing, or completely crack under the pressure. Since I am a psychology major at Eastern Kentucky University I have studied PTSD before but not in depth, this honors project gave me the opportunity to study it more in depth. I have also examined whether or not a person can cure their own PTSD since that is a major aspect of the storyline. In the end, I found that a person can cure their own PTSD but it is extremely difficult and in the story the character is able to get over their PTSD after some relapses, but at a cost to their own morality.

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Fall 2016


Christina Lovin

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English and Theatre

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