Insider threats, or attacks against a company from within, are a pressing issue both domestically and internationally. Frequencies of these threats increase each year adding to the overall importance of further research analysis. In fact, many case studies have been conducted which state that these employees who participate in insider attacks tend to exhibit certain personality and characteristic traits, as well as certain observable behaviors, that would indicate to other employees that an attack is imminent. It is hypothesized that companies will be able to take a more preventative stance of security as opposed to a reactive stance by identifying these characteristics and behaviors, as well as the motivations that drive them. In order to accomplish this task, companies must implement multiple layers of technological means of security, as well as take a more hands-on, holistic approach with company-wide involvement.

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Fall 11-29-2016


Ryan K. Baggett

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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management

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Safety, Security, and Emergency Management