The bulk of Eastern Kentucky University’s 22 county service region provides an ideal landscape within which to observe, study and promote awareness on key, critical issues facing the commonwealth today regarding environmental conservation and restoration, as well as the impacts made upon communities. These issues are not new to Kentuckians and have been studied and concerned citizens state-wide for many years. Owing to her years of work and data collections in the area of stream and wetlands conservation in Kentucky (particularly Eastern Kentucky), Sociologist Dr. Stephanie Mcspirit has provided ideal conditions to explore this issue at the undergraduate level. Through the process of examining, updating and analyzing data collected approximately 8 years ago, this paper attempts to understand efforts, perspectives, concerns and the main themes of prescriptive advice from citizens, politicians and experts working at all levels of authority in the environmental arena. As transcripts are annotated from both face to face and telephone interviews, steering committee meetings, presentations, lectures and surveys conducted during this time frame, further research questions will arise which address many of these issues as they stood 8 years ago. Using this information, current factors, trends and concerns will be examined by reviewing relevant academic literature and gathering current data by re-interviewing key stakeholders in a follow-up format, using the same questions as before, in order to form a basis for comparison. The information gained as a result provide the basis for comparing stakeholder views during this time frame.

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Spring 5-8-2017


Stephanie McSpirit

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Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work

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Language and Cultural Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology

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Anthropology, Sociology, and Social Work

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