Carcassi Etudes for the Electric Guitarist


After the rise of electric guitar virtuosity in commercial music in the 1970s, novice guitarists have since been attempting to emulate these virtuosi. The novice however has a difficult time in learning the compositions of their idols. This is due to the parallel rise in classical music appropriation in commercial music. The novice guitarists, being largely autodidactic, are attempting to follow in the footsteps of their idols without the proper baseline understanding of the idioms and techniques they used in their compositions. In order to address this problem, student guitarists need a method with which classical music can be accessed and studied allowing the novice guitarist to appropriate the classical idioms in their compositions just like their idols had done. This research focuses on the Classical era composer Matteo Carcassi, who was a renowned guitar performer and composer. His Op. 60 collection of etudes is widely used in many levels of guitar study and has proven very useful to the student guitarist. In this research is included five of the etudes from Carcassi’s Op. 60 which have been chosen for adaptation to an electric guitar edition focusing primarily on right-hand technique development.

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Spring 5-9-2017


Dennis Davis

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