Telemedicine is transforming the healthcare industry. Rural Kentuckians stand to benefit greatly from the services telemedicine offers as it provided an alternative to traveling to an urban hospital to access superior health care facilities. Telemedicine offers improved access as it can be used from any location with an internet connection, it provides cost efficiencies for patients, providers, insurers, and regulators as it reduces travel times and physical interaction, and it provides improved quality as patients can instantly connect with providers from around the country to receive medical services that they previously had to travel for. Telemedicine also is growing rapidly as patients are beginning to demand an alternative to physical interactions with providers when they have technology that can provide similar levels of service. Telemedicine faces several barriers to adoption as it is still a new technology in a highly-regulated industry, but as trends change it will stand to benefits Rural Kentuckians greatly.

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Summer 5-8-2017


Robert C. Mahaney

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Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems

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