Multinational corporations are not paying their fair share to the international marketplace from which they derive their advantage. Corporate inversion and other tax avoidance strategies allow multinational corporations the opportunity to utilize competitive national tax rates and the various state tax policies to diminish their tax liabilities in ways unavailable to domestic and small businesses. They exploit the global marketplace generating a highly preferential tax environment.

A fundamentally new and innovative policy perspective must be undertaken to address globalized business and the tax avoidance strategies available to it. Policymakers must be forward-thinking to adapt to our changing world, and this necessitates a global tax for multinational corporations. This thesis gives background and context to global tax policy, details the mechanics of several tax avoidance strategies, namely corporate inversion, explains the subpar regulation and legislation that currently exists to oversee global business, identifies some of the proposed policy solutions, and presents my policy solution for the leverage of a global tax through the United Nations Multinational Corporations Council (UNMNCC). The thesis concludes with a discussion of the prospects for implementation of the UNMNCC, possible hurdles and opportunities.

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Spring 5-13-2017


Gyan Pradhan

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Government and Economics

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