Cancer is one of the most researched and deadliest disease that the world faces in the 21st century. The pathology and treatment of cancer is intense emotionally, psychologically, and physically, and many survivors suffer from extreme psychological distress, even post-treatment. Meditation, growing in popularity as alternative therapy, is continuously being researched as positively impacting pathological symptoms in patients. To what effect could meditation positively impact symptoms in cancer patients? To determine this, a meta-analysis was conducted that analyzed various clinical research studies that advocated for meditation as a beneficial, alternative treatment for cancer patients and survivors. The results of the meta-analysis showcase the significance of mindfulness meditation, Qigong meditation, Tibetan sound meditation and brain wave vibration meditation as an effective treatment for cancer, allowing patients and survivors to return to a healthy state.

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Spring 2017


Matthew P. Winslow

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Health Promotion and Administration