This children's book was written for third and fourth graders, but the audience extends to the parents of these children as well. The book describes the life of one deaf girl and one hearing girl who become friends at their elementary school. They defeat the odds of society looking down on the deaf girl and are still friends despite discrimination. They grow up together and learn much about each other's culture by sharing experiences that any young girls would experience. The book also looks at the feelings of parents of deaf children and the struggles that they have to endure. This book seeks to explain deaf culture to hearing people who may not be aware of or who are ignorant of deaf culture. Deaf culture is a central part of American Sign Language and without the cultural aspect of the language, there would be no language. The Deaf are a tight-knit community who function as a whole, not separate parts. Deaf children are often forced into situations that they do not want to be in because of parents who are uneducated to the options that deaf people have, but also because the public school system does not know the best way to teach the deaf students who are mainstreamed.

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Daniel R. Roush

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American Sign Language and Interpreter Education

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American Sign Language and Interpreter Education