Eleanor of Aquitaine lived from c.1124 to 1204. In that time, she was the wife of two kings, a mother to three kings, a patron of the arts, and the heir to, and perhaps primary ruling force of, an area that is the equivalent to nearly half of modern France. Her life, full of both personal and political intrigue, has been the subject of several artistic works, ranging from poetry to film. While the proliferation of media has been beneficial in maintaining her memory in the intervening centuries, it has also contributed to a wealth of misinformation about her life. This mythologization, though fascinating, has seeped into historical study, influencing both her biographers and those whose research simply encounters her. As media can help create experiences which last in both individual and collective memory, a scholarly creative work focusing on a specific person or event could lead to greater historical understanding by not only those considered scholars, but also the general public. The purpose of this creative project is to exist as a historically-accurate, scholarly narrative of Eleanor of Aquitaine’s life, particularly as her background of education, governance, and relationships led her to revolt with her sons against Henry II. This musical work describes her background, focuses specifically on the Revolt of 1173-1174, and ends with an analysis of the importance of Eleanor beyond the period of her life.

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Spring 2017


Timothy Smit

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