This work aims to look at the overall, long-term economic affect British imperialism had on the Indian economy, whether this be positive or negative. Historical context is first given. This is followed by two economic theories on the matter including: the pro-imperialist school of thought, and the Marxist school of thought. I then look at economic indicators including: population, Gross Domestic Product, Gross Domestic Product per capita, Gross Domestic Product growth, Consumer Price Index, and finally the Gini Coefficient (Index). In these, I provide several potential explanations of several of the indictors and why they are the way they are. I explore possible issues associated with my data set and my research overall. The economic theory is combined with the data from the indicators that the British involvement in India has overall stunted the economy. It has caused the economy to be extremely unstable and volatile, with no signs of turning around.

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Spring 2017


Kerem Ozan Kalkan

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Government and Economics

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Government and Economics