Often misbranded as an imposition of morality or a form of “conversion therapy,” character education is intentionally designing instructional practices to foster the growth of specific character traits. This service project explored how explicit character education can be implemented in the modern classroom at three out of class academic preparatory sessions for low-income high school students who will be the first in their families to achieve a college degree. These sessions were conducted during the Eastern Kentucky University Upward Bound Programs monthly Saturday Academies. During each session, students received direct instruction and participated in experiential learning activities regarding a specific character trait. Each character trait was selected in conjunction with both the Upward Bound Program Mission, Vision, and Values Statement and research-proven values associated with success. While not technically academic, these traits are crucial for lifelong success and improve academic performance in high school students.

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Spring 5-1-2017


Becca Morrison

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Eastern Kentucky University Upward Bound

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History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies

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