Art and Religion play off each other in a unique way; Thailand’s main religion Buddhism is no exception to the admirable intertwining of beliefs and the creation of 3-D representations. Being immersed in the Thai culture shows a deep understanding of how important it is to connect art and religion; art is influenced by religion and vice versa. The research compared population in different demographics in Thailand with their use of art representing Buddhism. The population and topography show a differentiation in true Thai culture connected to art, and tourism affecting the way art is displayed.

The results showed that in the bigger cities like Bangkok, art was displayed extravagantly because of the heavy tourism in the city. Besides the temples, there were little to no smaller representations of Buddhism, like spirit houses. In cities like Khon Kaen, with a much smaller population, spirit houses were very common and used frequently. The art was not dramatized but rather was simpler and more closely connected with Buddhism.

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Spring 5-8-2017


David Dailey

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