Peptide synthesis has grown in its ability to create purer peptides at higher yields with comparative ease. The method of Solid phase peptide synthesis using fluorenylmethyloxycarbonyl (Fmoc) peptides may be quickly obtained. The use of temporary protection groups, cleaving and coupling amino acids has created a method to build peptides. The peptide Asn-Gly-Arg or NGR was synthesized as cyclic CNGRC. Reverse HLPC was used to ensure the purity of the peptide. Mass spectroscopy readings of the peptide displayed a pure compound. The NGR peptide was chosen to be synthesized due to its therapeutic potential. This peptide has a high selectivity for the CD13 cell receptor. This receptor is common over expressed on tumor cells and may be used to target cancer cells during treatment. With the expectation to use the peptide as a drug carrier it was also cyclized. This method increases the innate selectivity of the peptide. The NGR peptide could be used in conjugation with an anti-cancer drug such as cisplatin to provide a method of cancer treatment that does not attack healthy tissue, and thus reduces side effects. The issues of cisplatin and other platinum drugs are also discussed in detail including resistance and toxicity. The compound synthesized has potential to overcome these issues and create a more effective and safer chemotherapeutic.

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Fall 12-11-2017


Margaret W. Ndinguri

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