The purpose of this research was to develop an app, entitled Reject to Inject, available for Smart devices, that would aid injection drug users, within the state of Kentucky, with locating a treatment facility. The research was done to deduce the five key barriers addicts reported for not succeeding or entering treatment, and filters were designed for the app to help addicts identify treatment programs that were best fitting for their needs and combatted the barriers preventing their sobriety. The five filters deemed most beneficial to addicts desiring recovery were: the distance one has to travel to attend the recovery program and the duration they’re required to wait prior to admission of a program, whether a program is accommodating of children and a single-parent lifestyle, the duration of the program, whether the treatment program is gender-specific, and the age range of clients the facility is willing to accept. The app is currently in development, and there are hopes it will be made available to the public in 2018 as a result of, renowned Public Health expert and the President & CEO of AssureCare, Dr. Yousuf J. Ahmad’s financial and intellectual support. There are hopes that the app can be expanded beyond Kentucky to serve injection drug users nationwide.

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Fall 12-6-2017


Julie Ann Lasslo

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Health Promotion and Administration

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Health Promotion and Administration