Health records are essential to the success of patient care. They come in many forms, both electronic and paper records, and each havetheir strengths and downfalls. Knowing what a health record is, who owns the record, and the components a record consists of is essential in order tounderstand personal health records. Personal health records are simply a compilation of a patient’s pertinent health information. It is a lifelong record that is keptbythe patient. Although personal health records are not a new idea, they have not been pushed in the healthcare field until recently because of electronic advancements and a push toward patient centeredcare. Personal health records have the ability toimprove patient outcomes because of the more accurate and personalized record they keep. PHRs are also more cost efficient on both a small and large scale. Personal health records are the future of record keeping in the healthcarefieldand are able tomake vast improvements in patient care.

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Spring 2018


Cynthia H. King

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Health Promotion and Administration

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Health Promotion and Administration