This honors thesis is a study of the diversity of the Orchidaceae family and the use of science and art to describe that diversity. The scientific topics about orchid diversity that are discussed are morphology, pollinator relationships, and the biogeographical range of the orchid family. These topics helped narrow down the species that were used in the artistic side of this thesis. The artistic aspect of this thesis includes four pieces of artwork that illustrate the beauty of the Orchidaceae family by showcasing specific species and using different mediums to capture the family in all its beauty. The four pieces include A Moth and an Orchid which is a continuous line drawing, Bauer’s Bee which is a colored pencil drawing, Orchids of Kentucky which is a mixed media work that is a glass painting, and Family Diversity which is a collection of watercolor paintings. This thesis was inspired by both scientists and artists in hopes of giving a new perspective on the science and art of diversity.

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Spring 2018


Melissa Vandenberg

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Art and Design

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Biological Sciences