Relativism in modern society


Relativism in Modern Society is an investigation into why our society is becoming more and more comfortable with relativism even though philosophical academia overwhelmingly agrees that relativism is not a logically consistent principle. I believe that the popularity comes from the positive feelings that relativism causes. People are not prioritizing the truth but are instead prioritizing their feelings. Because of this, our society has developed a lack of processed beliefs, and believes sometimes exclusively surface beliefs. Our society often does not care to find out the truth if their beliefs lead them to a place of comfort.

Because of this elevation of the importance of feelings, there are a large number of people that only exist to live in a place that’s comfortable. They do not care about right or wrong, truth, or purpose. They simply want to be comfortable. I cannot say what any reasons for this may be. Perhaps a psychologist could pick up on this research and give some reasons.

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Spring 5-7-2018


Michael W. Austin

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Philosophy and Religion

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