Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repetitive intrusive cognitive events that may take the form of images, and/or urges, more often than not, accompanying repetitive behaviors or mental acts. As a result of these symptoms, these individuals struggle with the ability to focus on important tasks and daily activities. The goal of this project was to develop a program for teachers and educators at the elementary school level to work with students diagnosed with OCD. The program incorporated mindfulness techniques into daily lesson plans, with the intent of aiding students with OCD, in their attempts to combat their symptoms. Development of this program can ultimately help kids with OCD to stay focused on learning and completing their school work. Skills learned in this program would benefit these students throughout their lives. The program focuses on teaching students with OCD how to deal with their disorder and accompanying symptoms on their own, at a young age. Further, this could ultimately reduce stigma within the classroom if all students participate in the program and students with OCD learn to use the skills they learn for the reduction of their symptoms. In summation, the implementation of this program into elementary schools would result in many positive outcomes for not only students with the disorder but other students as well.

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Spring 5-7-2018


Theresa Botts

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Biological Sciences