Previous research has demonstrated the benefits of implementing more charter schools in the United States as a means of boosting student academic achievement. Factors associated with the poorer performance of American students when compared to students abroad include a lack of accountability and flexibility within the education system. Multiple studies have demonstrated how charter schools effectively offer greater accountability through their charter, and how they effectively offer greater flexibility by offering school choice which positively impacts student achievement. Charter schools also offer solutions to problems such as poor teacher requirements, testing issues, and lack of incentives for progress within both the teaching and student populations. When compared to private schools, magnet schools, and traditional public schools, charter schools are seen as more economical and flexible. Charter schools instill competition among schools which has been demonstrated to boost student achievement within an area. Although overall charter schools do not seem to outperform traditional public schools within an area, the increased competition increases student achievement across the board for all students attending school within the area, regardless of the type of institution the student attends. Research predicts that the implementation of more charter schools will increase equity within education and increase student achievement through competition, accountability, and flexibility.

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Theresa Botts

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