There is an increased rate of poor mental health days in McCreary County, Kentucky, related to low socioeconomic status compared to other counties in the Commonwealth. This correlation is shown by examining the area’s socioeconomic indicators, such as the population’s educational attainment, employment rates, average household income, rates of poverty, and comparing these statistics with the rate of poor mental health days. Additionally, as part of the current study, residents of McCreary County were interviewed to elicit feedback on ways in which living and working in McCreary County can contribute to a poor mental health. Subsequently, these qualitative interviews were thematically coded to help the researchers better identify problematic themes in the community. After identifying contributors to McCreary County’s rate of poor mental health days, implications are discussed and possible solutions are provided.

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Spring 2018


Julie A. Lasslo

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Health Promotion and Administration

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Health Promotion and Administration

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