The Price of Fashion

Ashley Reaves

Professor Melissa Vandenberg

Department of Art and Design

My paper discusses the introduction of Ready-made clothing or fast fashion and the effects it has had on our society and ecosystem. In connection to our waste related to the clothing industry I created a series of five wearable outfits made out of the refuse. Garbage in our society is an allusive subject. We don’t enjoy talking or thinking about the waste we produce. The trash we make is taken out of our sight every week never to be seen or thought of again. We as individuals produce a certain amount of waste as a byproduct of the things we consume, the things that we desire. With some people it may be soda which leaves behind vast amounts of cans and soda tabs. With other individuals it may be makeup which produces a byproduct of used makeup wipes and containers still caked in the leftover remnants of that once coveted product. My pieces delve into the waste that individuals and groups produce. This series and paper are meant to inspire and educate viewers on the amount of waste we produce, and what the result is to our community and ecosystem.

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Spring 4-9-2018


Melissa Vandenberg

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Art and Design

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Art and Design