What happens when pop culture icons leave the world of entertainment and venture onto the battlegrounds of activism? Many have made this trek but only a handful of celebrities have immersed themselves so intensely into their cause that their names become synonymous with entertaining and activism. Lady Gaga has done just that. The Mother Monster teaches acceptance and equality through her music videos, song lyrics and YouTube channel. After barreling through the trenches of a life full of ridicule; Gaga began to understand why love for others is important. Gaga who is openly bisexual herself understands the plight that the LGBT community must bravely face, and strives to show that love and care is vital in all relationships. The notion of care is a concept that many feminist theorists have discussed. Feminists’ theorists have explored this idea and coined the phrase “ethics of care.” Little Monsters have adopted her beliefs of acceptance and equality wholeheartedly, and have continued to spread her message through care for others. Mother Monster in her brief 4 years of popularity has managed to create a fan base built around love and care and has shaped the next generation of warriors for equality.

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Spring 4-22-2012


Ginny Whitehouse

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