Accuracy and practicality are two contrasting forces when designing theatrical costumes, and even more so when the costume is a “transforming” costume. A “transforming” costume is a type of onstage quick change that occurs by pulling a string, tearing apart hook and loop fasteners, or some similar mechanism to change one costume to another. The costume I created was based on a scene from the musical, The Phantom of the Opera. The pattern was made from scratch and the costume was assembled using standard methods. Many concessions were made for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, time, money, and skill level. Some concessions were planned like a lack of frills and the outer dress being in two pieces, others were not planned like the use of hook and loop fasteners rather than buttons and a lack of a veil. Overall, the costume I created ended up being far more practical than accurate.

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Spring 2018


Dr. Amber Chatelain

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Department of Family and Consumer Science

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Honors Scholars


Biological Sciences