Loss is a normal part of life. However, it is important to understand the different types of loss that can occur. These include death, divorce, loss of parental rights, and incarceration. While all of these can be traumatic, experiencing the loss of a parent can make it even more difficult, especially if you lose the parent during childhood. This thesis paper focuses on highlighting the findings from a meta-analysis of studies examining different types of loss. The effects of the loss will be discussed as well as how they overlap. I completed this meta-analysis to bring to attention, the effects of losing a parent, regardless of how the loss occurred. I also wanted to provide evidence of how important it is to intervene in a child’s life as early as possible following the occurrence of a loss. Findings reveal that by intervening early, the likelihood of later anxiety and depression in adulthood can be lessened.

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Spring 5-7-2018


Theresa Botts

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