Working as a summer camp counselor is beneficial for students as they become adults and begin their transition into college and career fields. In this stage of life, students may lack professional skills needed for their future, or be unaware of what potential employers look for in their employees. This creates a unique opportunity for camp to be where students develop workforce skills to assist with future employment. This study investigates the professional skills gained through working at a summer camp and existing frameworks in staff training for skill acquisition. The researcher analyzed previous studies to identify and connect workforce skills to the camp experience for a clearer understanding of the benefits counselors gain through their time at camp. The researcher also conducted a content analysis using a staff training manual for a camp’s 2017 staff training season. Through this analysis, the researcher highlighted notable connections between skills gained at camp and skills employers value in their staff, as well as camp elements that facilitate this skill development. Studies supported a lack of connection in counselors between the skills gained through their employment at camp and their perceived future application of those skills. There is further need for research regarding the framework development for demonstrating these skills to employers and how camps can implement this framework into their camp staff training.

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Spring 2018


Michael J. Bradley

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Recreation and Parks Administration

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