With increasing generational diversity in the workforce, Human Resource Departments are posed with the challenge of creating training programs that may prove to be effective for employees of all ages. The purpose of this study is to examine the expectations and preferences of Millennial Management students during the learning process to gain insight into an educated cohort to make training recommendations to strategic HR Departments. In doing so, this study shows a unique relationship between the growing strategic role of HR Departments and the entrance of the Millennial generation into the workforce. To gather data, both primary and secondary research were conducted. The primary research included the distribution of a survey to Millennial Management students at Eastern Kentucky University. Data findings showed that Millennials expect, but may not prefer, to use technology during learning. Furthermore, it was found that the generation prefers a positive, caring relationship with the instructor, and expects an opportunity for relationships with peers. Based on these conclusions, it is recommended that HR Departments ensure their technology training options are up to date, that they thoughtfully choose training instructors who may foster a caring relationship with trainees, and that peer groups are encouraged throughout training. By doing so, HR Departments will be able to further showcase their knowledge-base concerning the human capital of the organization and how the function contributes to overall organizational effectiveness as a strategic partner.

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Fall 12-10-2018


Marcel Robles

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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Management, Marketing, and International Business