There are various modalities of exercise to choose from for an individual in this position, however they greatly diverge in their demonstration of beneficial characteristics to metabolic and physiological adaptations and advantages. Often, the goal of the individual is purely aesthetically concerned, but the modality chosen is significant nevertheless. The major goals of most exercise programs are to improve cardiovascular, metabolic and skeletal muscle function. While the benefits demonstrated through weight training and high-intensity interval training alone exist and elicit clear improvement in an individual, there is an alternative method that better serves those goals. Modern research and experiments propose a combination of HIIT and resistance-training to be the superior training mechanism in contrast to the said methods alone. A training program with these two training mechanisms used in conjunction in adequate proportions demonstrates superiority through the realm of convenience, cardiovascular function, physiological adaptations and skeletal muscle function and growth overall.

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Fall 12-10-2018


Michael T. Lane

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Exercise and Sport Science

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Exercise and Sport Science