Within the past five to six years, there has been an increase in cloud computing and various vendors host their services for consumers to use. Apple developed and came out with iCloud for their customers to be able to sync contacts, documents and other data across multiple devices. Various questions popped up with the emergence of cloud computing such as, where the data is stored, how is the data protected on the server, and how it is protected in transit between the server and user device. Within the past few years, there have also been various breaches of iCloud user accounts which have caused some to speculate that it is not as secure as Apple states it is. The research was broken up into two parts: researching cloud computing and Apple iCloud, then researching why the “breaches” occurred. The research into cloud computing was to determine the type of cloud computing iCloud is, the structure and then the security Apple uses to secure the data. Looking in to the various “breaches” reported in the news as well on Apple’s website, the results ended up confirming that Apple iCloud is as secure as it can be on their side. Many of the hacked user accounts were a result of the user’s use of similar passwords and email, with the exception being with the Apple service Find my iPhone.

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