The importance of quilting is evident throughout its’ own history. Originally, quilting has been used as a source of protection from a cold environment and continued to blossom into a way to show self-expression. With quilting, people are able to learn valuable lessons that connect to life, such as the quilters of Gee’s Bend. They learned the beauty of community and how to come together through an economic depression. In this thesis, the necessity of quilting is analyzed through looking at the history of the art. The impact quilting can make on a community is realized while diving into the Alabama African American community of Gee’s Bend. The second part of this thesis is an analysis of creating quilts based on what quilting is often thought to be and exploring a different angle from the perspective of Gee’s Bend. Through creating the quilt products, lessons were learned, and a new-found appreciation of the art has been observed. The final portion of this thesis is a call to action. Quilting is an incredible art that is not done by much of the younger generation. A challenge to erase the perceived “age limit” is placed so that quilting can be recognized as an art that is open to people of all ages.

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Fall 2018


Karen Maloley

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