The concept of Cause Related Marketing (CRM) has settled itself in the forefront of marketing for current retailers. CRM involves the marketing of a cause paired through a host retailer primarily as a means to symbiotically benefit both the chosen cause and host retailer. As CRM has gained in overall popularity in the market, consumer perception of CRM has become a topic of interest. This research analyzes consumer perception of CRM as it relates to specific factors that influence consumer perception. Based on the state of consumer perception (positive versus negative), this research also analyzes its influence on the reputation and subsequent profitability retailers receive as a result of the CRM campaign. Ideally-perceived CRM campaigns are found to boost retailer reputation and profitability. Negatively-perceived CRM campaigns are able to decrease the success of the CRM campaign and damage retailer reputation in the process. The included collection of factors influencing consumer perception of CRM lends this research beneficial for companies seeking education on the topic prior to developing their own CRM campaign. Consumers utilizing this research will develop a more complete understanding of CRM from the retailer point of view as well as a more complete understanding of CRM as a marketing device.

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Spring 2019


Amber M. Chatelain

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Family and Consumer Sciences

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