The music industry is not what it once was. Currently, there is a much larger burden for the independent artist to bear in regards to producing and marketing their own music, and for many this seems like a mountain too tall to climb. With this thesis, I set out to measure the effectiveness of today’s music production and distribution methods and tools by recording a full length audio recording, documenting its inception, production, and distribution by utilizing 21st century ‘do-it-yourself’ home recording equipment and distribution services, the product of which being the album ‘50,000’.

The metrics by which the success of these tools and this project as a whole were measured by were the number of streams across all platforms and the general attention the album received whether from peers or others. The album was released on Spotify and Apple Music on March 15th, 2019 and data collected in late April, so there is just over a month of data to use and even with such a short period of time, the results are very exciting. With over 8,000 streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud and after being reached out to by seven music management groups, including Warner Music and Universal Music, I can say this project has so far been a great success.

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Spring 5-5-2019


Joseph Carucci

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