The images we see in media are shaped by society’s perceptions of the world. The life of a teacher is no different. We can think of countless examples of movies that have featured teachers, painted in various lights. While there are several movies portraying positive images of teachers who conquer the direst situations to see their students succeed, we also see negative images of teachers who are anything but intelligent, and who strive to see their students fail. Teachers are painted as adversaries, youthful idealists, alluring seductresses, and buffoons. By analyzing several movies from the past to present day, we will see the positive and negative unrealistic stereotypes of teachers in popular films. Each unrealistic image will be solidified by the examples of movies that society loves to be entertained with. Not only are the images of teachers addressed in popular movies, but the images of other authoritative figures like principals and physical education teachers are also seen in films today. These authoritative figures have their own negative stereotypes that are unrealistic and exemplified by specific movies. Since the 1950s movies about teachers are being made that shape society’s views of the educational field and these movies are continuing to be made today.

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