The Mind-Body problem in philosophy has haunted philosophers for years. It asks, “what is the relationship between the mind and the body in a human being?” Is the mind something distinct from the body? Or is it nothing more than matter within the brain? Various theories have been proposed over the years as attempts to answer these pivotal questions. This paper provides a history of the mind-body problem, along with an analysis of many of the theories that have been proposed to answer the problem. After reviewing dualism, materialism, and panpsychism as theories of mind, I defend panpsychism as the best solution to the mind-body problem. I find that panpsychism avoids many of the issues that dualism and materialism must explain. Further, it provides a more coherent account of the universe. I provide some potential criticisms of panpsychism. However, I find that these criticisms can be answered more easily than the criticisms of dualism and materialism. For these reasons, I conclude that panpsychism is the best solution to the mind-body problem.

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Spring 5-3-2019


Steve Parchment

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Philosophy and Religion

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