Interstellar Travel and Tourism: The Possibilities in the Dawn of the New Face of Business and its Structure

By Haley Barber

Mentor Dr. Lana Carnes

Professor of Corporate Communication & Technology

Business faces a new frontier, and it is my argument that there is a possibility that business will develop an entirely new structure to face the space age. I will be investigating the scientific, legal, and business structure currently in place and how these structures intend to adapt or may be abandoned in this quickly developing age. This new frontier will affect everyone on this planet, in the environment, technology, business as a market, and life as we know it. This paper explains the science, law, and business issues that must be dealt with before humans can travel and sustain life on another planet. This is a proposed set of laws and business plan for a mining company that would be placed on Mars and used as a leader for all businesses to come after and a foundation for a colony. There is an established history of law that the current law and future law must be founded in and furthered before effective space business can continue. The science portion of the paper explains what current sustainability looks like and where it can go from there. The business plan is the face of how new companies will look when they are interplanetary and require a space office and an Earth office.

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Spring 4-10-2019


Lana Carnes

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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Management, Marketing, and International Business