Magnetism and Feminism: Identifying the Marginalized Women of Physics


This thesis essay follows the narratives and achievements of three incredible female physicists that were able to complete significant and revolutionary research within their lifetimes. Despite being denied the same rights and opportunities as male physicists, these women were responsible for incredible scientific discoveries. In previous decades and even still today in many parts of the world, women are actively prevented and discouraged from participating in physics by being denied educational and career opportunities that are more accessible to men. This system contributes to the belief that women are not consequential members of the scientific community. To honor the work and lives of these physicists and all other female physicists, the scientific community needs to identify the ways in which female physicists have been systematically oppressed throughout their careers, as well as recognize the significance and honorable contributions to which these women dedicated their lives.

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Spring 2019


Garett Yoder

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Physics and Astronomy

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Physics and Astronomy

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