The Appalachian region has consistently been wrought with economic hardships and struggling conditions. There have been efforts made to offer relief through various development initiatives. However millions of people and the thousands of counties they represent, still remain in hardship. This research hopes to provide a development approach that is not only effective but also practical for these struggling communities. In doing so, we have examined the success of the City of Pikeville, Kentucky and hope to answer two important questions. First, what has led to Pikeville’s success. Second, what strategies or ideas can be implemented in other struggling communities. To answer these questions, we have spoken with four government officials that have extensive knowledgeable of the development plan and its various aspects. In doing so, we identified several aspects that have led to Pikeville’s success. In analyzing our results, we were able to determine three important factors that are applicable to any community involved in their development. First, planning is essential to the success of a community. They must also attract new businesses and focus on turning assets and resources into opportunity. In conclusion, we have used the success of one community to hopefully help others flourish.

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Winter 2012


William Hatcher

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