The purpose of this thesis is to give examples of how very different genres of music can live in cohabitation with the same respect and admiration within the world of music. This thesis explores the origins of each genre, the inherent differences between the two, and the process its author followed to produce the finished product. Mr. Brooks draws from his experience as both a professional bluegrass and classical musician and demonstrates through his own compositions how the two genres can be meshed and formed into a hybrid which could be performed respectively in front of experts in either of the two fields. The process of this thesis may be broken down into a few key areas such as 1.) Inspiration, 2.) Choosing a voice part, 3.) Transcription of melody, 4.) Composition of accompaniment, 5.) Input to Finale, and 6.) Performance.

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Fall 12-9-2019


Joyce Hall Wolf

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Bachelor Thesis

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Honors Scholars

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Figure One.jpg (215 kB)
An Die Laute example

Figure Two.jpg (38 kB)
Subdivision Example

Figure Three.jpg (12 kB)
Solfege Example

Figure Four A.jpg (35 kB)
I'm A Wanderer Example

Figure Four B.jpg (33 kB)
I'm A Wanderer Example

Figure Five A.jpg (35 kB)
Willow Garden Example

Figure Five B.jpg (40 kB)
Willow Garden Example

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West Texas Wind Example

Figure Seven.jpg (31 kB)
Shady Grove Example