The description and importance of interprofessional collaboration and education is expressed throughout this thesis. Interprofessional collaboration allows for a large amount of progress to be made throughout the client-centered world, as well as the healthcare world. The need for implementation of interprofessional education is higher than ever due to the amount of people involved in comorbid injuries and illnesses. The process of collaboration may be strenuous at times, but the benefits ultimately outweigh those factors. The collaborative world will open up various opportunities and ideas through the collegiate and professional world. When others are able to see what collaboration can do, the more they will want to be involved. Occupational therapy is a collaborative field, and the need for occupational therapists is only growing. The need for wanting to collaborate is needed, and that number can only rise if the awareness of collaboration is reached. Interprofessional education should be taught in all universities and have developed framework with the amount of resources that are available in today’s society. This information in this paper expresses the need and awareness of interprofessional collaboration and education in today’s world.

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Fall 2019


Julie Duckart

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Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

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Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

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