The purpose of this creative thesis was to discover whether fashion trends that were used during the reign of King Henry VIII in 16th century Tudor era England could be used and accepted as fashionable in the 21st century. Eight outfits were created featuring characteristics found on the clothing of noble men and women of the era. Such features included the color, neckline, sleeve, skirt, waistline, headpiece, seam lines, and fabric. English clothing and dress of the Tudor era tended to be a compilation of fashion trends from numerous other European countries, giving England a hybrid style all of its own. The entire sewing process occurred over an eight month period, and the garments were created with a combination of flat pattern and draping design techniques. After its completion, the collection participated in the Waterfront Fashion Week Emerging Designer competition, and it reached the final round. In October 2012, the eight piece collection was granted its own fashion show at Waterfront Fashion Week and was regarded by the judges of the competition to be trendy and fashion forward.

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Fall 2012


Susan H. Kipp

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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Family and Consumer Sciences