The construction industry continuously has the most work-related injuries and fatalities each year, and that number rises every year as well. The safety of employees in the construction industry is highly regarded by some, but typically it is seen as an irritating chore on the track to making profit. Living in a modern world full of great technological advancements each year, it is peculiar how the number of fatalities rises along with the available safety technology on the market. Could this be because companies are unaware of the new technologies meant to save the lives of their employees? Or does this continue to prove that construction executives regard safety as a speedbump on the road to success? This piece will evaluate and discuss several new technologies coming to the safety market soon and how they could impact the field and employee safety. It will also discuss factors on which the industry must improve in order to truly place a high regard on the safety of their employees.

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Fall 12-8-2019


Chengyi Zhang

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Applied Engineering and Technology

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Applied Engineering and Technology