Eastern Kentucky University has approximately 16,612 students enrolled in their undergraduate programs and ranks 76thin the 2019 edition of Best Colleges in Regional Universities South2. They pride themselves on putting their students and learning first and having their scholar’s best interests in mind; however, these student’s minds are being uniquely affected by their academic experiences. During the past two semesters of Honors Thesis Research, the prevalence of test anxiety at Eastern Kentucky University was brought into question. Through the use of outside sources and surveys amongst current EKU students, this research was conducted to discover not only who is affected, but also what this campus can do to help acknowledge and mitigate the student’s anxieties; therefore, increasing their academic achievements and strengthening their performance. Certain factors including gender, field of study, and GPA of the students who feel affected, along with the internal versus external contributions to test anxiety and potentially the most beneficial treatments for students who are affected was included in the research. It is now proven by this research study that over 80% of the respondents have test anxious feelings. After substantial review of previously published literature, the Principal Researcher found a lack of knowledge regarding the correlates, effects, and treatments for these test anxious students. This research project on test anxiety can bridge this gap on EKU’s campus.

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Fall 12-5-2019


Peggy C. Petrilli

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Curriculum and Instruction

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