In today’s NBA, superstars are heavily sought after by general managers (GMs) of NBA franchises. Every free agency, the league is thrown into a frenzy by each franchise trying to entice a superstar to bring his talents and help them compete for a championship. Aside from competing for a championship, however, perhaps there are other reasons, related to sales and marketing that superstars are valued so highly by GMs. To measure this, we distributed a survey that gave a participant one of four scenarios, a team in a big city with a superstar; a team in a big city without a superstar; a team in a small city with a superstar; and a team in a small city without a superstar. The survey measured respondents’ thoughts on their given scenario based on 7 variables: purchase likelihood, long-term orientation, perceived satisfaction, need to evaluate, preference for consistency, reactance, and psychological ownership. This survey received 265 responses, and the results were analyzed using T-Tests. The results did not support the idea that having a superstar on an NBA roster improves the team’s marketability. However, the results do show that long-term orientation is higher for scenarios in which a small city was involved, which may have implications on the NBA and its franchises, especially as the league looks toward expansion in the near future.

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Spring 5-4-2020


James R. Blair

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Management, Marketing, and International Business

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