The purpose of this paper was to address the topic of how iPads are being used in the elementary classroom. I completed an investigation of the current literature to review the research available. It investigates specifically what an iPad can do for both teachers and students, the types of iPad programs that are being used in elementary schools, and how schools fund these programs. In order to complete a full investigation on how iPads are being used in the elementary schools, it was important to discuss exactly what an iPad does and its’ capabilities, including some of the most well-reviewed educational applications. With every type of technology there are both negatives and positives, so in order to gain full understanding of the iPad in the education setting, it was essential to review these as well. By the end of this paper, a full study had been completed on every aspect of iPads in the elementary classroom from the basic functions of an iPad to specific applications that can further and facilitate learning. By completing this investigation of iPads in the elementary classroom, it was determined that the capabilities of the iPad are able to facilitate learning in a way that was previously not possible in the education world. The iPad promotes technology that keeps students more engaged during lessons

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Fall 2012


Rodney White

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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