The foster care system in the United States continues to pose a great negative impact on its participants. This negative impact consequently lowers their chances of attaining the same level of success as their non-fostered peers. The foster care experience affects their academics, mental and physical health, employment, and has a special impact on minority children. There are several sources of support and resources available to assist this population if the individual, their foster parents, or case manager is aware of them. In addition to being aware of the sources of support and resources, the foster youth or foster care alumnus has to be willing to seek out the help and properly utilize the supports and resources available to them. The supports and resources I further researched are supportive adult relationships, participating in life-skills trainings, having friendships built on non-judgmental acceptance, formal supports, and providing more support focused on foster parents and potential foster parents.

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Spring 5-4-2020


Steffen Wilson

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Department of Psychology

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