Film noir is hard to define as a style or genre. Looking into who inspires film noir filmmakers, can explain how they allow an undefined media to last a decade. German expressionism is the foundation for dark narratives to take precedent in cinemas. High contrast lighting, diverse camera angles, and dramatic shadows carry over in each film made during the peak of film noir. Cinematically film noir directors take those techniques then mold them to fit the narrative and tone they hope to achieve. The captivity success of these films is the accomplishment of directors and cinematographers to understand their audience. Drawing upon German expressionism existentialism influences, the narrative of my short film is a glimpse in the life of a female with manic depression. Cinematic techniques that appear in my short film come from the analysis of Double Indemnity, The Night of the Hunter, and Touch of Evil. These films while all were not box office record breakers, bring all the elements of film noir together perfectly.

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Spring 5-4-2020


Chad Cogdill

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Department of Communications

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