Indie music has a rich, but recent history. It’s quickly become the most popular genre of music and is still growing every day. The influence of major record labels taking advantage of artists, on top of the growth of the ability to DIY music production gives Indie even more of an edge over other genres. For local and state officials, the Indie music genre and its explosive growth could be used to help develop their regions. By investing in a hub for not just the Indie music scene, but live entertainment and local spending, significant economic and social growth can be realized. Lexington, Kentucky is in prime position to do this, and based on the marketing research done, a full marketing plan and portfolio has been developed and accompanies this thesis.

Semester/Year of Award

Spring 2020


Dr. Kristin B. Wilson

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Management, Marketing, & International Business

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Restricted Access Thesis

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Honors Scholars


Management, Marketing, and International Business



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