With generic products, the generic version is typically given a bad rap, with claims that these versions “are not as satisfactory” – but these products are usually the same product with two different labels being printed. Sometimes these products are even coming from the same lab. In the pharmaceutical world, the generic version carries the same sort of stigma – the idea that it is less effective, and sometimes individuals believe that this version does more harm than it does good. However, if one were to look at the list of ingredients on a bottle of Tylenol and then a bottle of Kroger-brand Acetaminophen – one will find that both have the same active ingredient: acetaminophen. Even with this information, some individuals are unable to be convinced – they do not support generic medicine due to personal perception. The purpose of this study was to determine why this preference exists, and if there is a difference in name brand vs. generic over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Due to the global pandemic currently going on, the theory of this study has been altered significantly to further compare and contrast name brand and generic over the counter medications (acetaminophen and ibuprofen). The results of this study are likely to lead to further research in eliminating the stigma that generic medicines carry with them.

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Spring 2020


Jerome May

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